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Parties to a dispute

Disputes are part of human nature and resolution of conflicts comes at high cost.

Mediation as a dispute resolution process is unanimously recognized as an alternative efficient tool to reduce justice cost and to improve access to justice, but many lack a comprehensive understanding of the scope of potential cost savings. This is not only about legal and economic costs borne by the parties involved, but also the social, developmental, environmental and strategic costs of conflict.

Any party to a dispute may initiate mediation and, as mediation is a voluntary process, the other party has to agree to go to mediation, unless you included in your contract a mediation clause.

If you are interested in initiating mediation, you can contact one of the project partners or a mediation center in your country: they will provide you with all information about mediation you may need.

You can also use one of the available self-assessment tools that have been developed to understand whether your case is suitable for mediation.

Mediation self-assessment questionnaire for parties to a dispute (EN version)